Bill of Materials for
"Getting Started"
Parts 1 and 2.

I recommend buying parts from recognized electronics suppliers. If you are lucky enough to still have an electronics parts store in your town (most have been shut down), please consider patronizing them. If not, I recommend any of the following companies:

You can find incredibly cheap parts on EBay. Unfortuantely, counterfeit chips have become a real problem. If you decide to purchase parts on EBay, always purchase from vendors who have a long track record and high consumer satisfaction ratings. Amazon parts also have some issues.

I provide links/part numbers for the places I purchased these parts from. Please do not feel any obligation to order from the same place. I have no business relationship with any of these, other than as a satisfied customer.

In some cases, the number of parts I used are fewer than the minimum order required by the vendors. These are typically for low cost parts costing a few pennies each, so it shouldn't be a problem. You can always use a few extra resistors or LEDs.

The breadboards I recommend are relatively costly as breadboards go. It has been my experience that they are worth it. We may purchase several breadboards as the computer evolves, so you can save money on less expensive ones. In my experience, the cheaper breadboards are not reliable, however.

Description Quantity Price Link Comment
Solderless Breadboard 1 $8.31 JameCo Pricey but durable.
Western Design Center W65C02S 40 PIN DIP CPU 1 $6.95 JameCo MUST PURCHASE WDC Part!
Push Button Switch SPST OFF-(ON) 2 $0.35 * 2 JameCo
LED Red 5 $0.12 * 10 JameCo Only need 5 but JameCo minimum order is 10
220 Ohm Resistor 5 $0.06 * 10 JameCo Only need 5, JameCo minimum order is 10
1K Ohm Resistor 8 $0.06 * 10 JameCo Only need 8, JameCo minimum order is 10
3.3k Ohm Resistor  8 $0.06 * 10 JameCo Only need 8, JameCo minimum order is 10
5 Volt 2 Amp Wall Adapter Power Supply 1 $10.95 JameCo Optional. Purchase if you need it.
Male DC Jack to Screw Terminal 1 $1.49 JameCo Optional. Purchase if you need it.
22 AWG 6-Color Solid Tinned Copper Hook-up Wire 1 (6 spools per order) $19.95 JameCo If you need hookup wire.
120pcs Dupont Wire 30CM  1 (120 per order) $8.99 For connecting Mega and Breadboard
Breadboard Jumper Wires 15CM 1 (100-pack) $11.99 Optional but very convenient to have.
KEYESTUDIO Mega 2560 R3 Arduino 1 $15.24 KEYESTUDIO is much cheaper than Arduino brand. You will probably need to purchase a USB cable, theirs is too short.
Ideal 45-101 V-Notch Stripper 1 $11.99 Optional but very convenient to have.
Total Cost: $99.56 Obviously before shipping and taxes, and if everything on list is purchased.